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Country Clothing & Boots

At Raygill, we sell high quality outdoor and country sport clothing from a range of trusted retailers such as Laksen, Meindl, Aigle and Alt-berg. We believe in the quality of our clothing as it's something we wear every day. Our shop is open 9am - 4pm on Saturdays & Sundays, or by appointment.


Our Store

Click below to see the link to our Ebay shop 'Hunting Clearance'.

If you're coming to visit us in person, check our our directions section by scrolling down on the 'Home' page.

Ordering Boots by Post

Current prices

Meindl Dovre Extreme   £298 sizes 5-12

Meindl Dovre Extreme sizes 13-15 - £20 more

Meindl Stavanger £288 sizes 5-12

Aigle Parcours Iso £155

Alt-berg Raby Boots - as per Alt-berg prices


We always subsidise postage to a flat rate of £10 when you order directly with us. Visit the shop or get in touch to buy.


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